Are you a fan of Survivor? Would you like to compete in Rome, Georgia!
GNTC is hosting a “Survivor Day” competition on the Floyd County Campus for 16-20 GNTC students and faculty! The winner will receive over $150 in gifts and prizes.
Please contact David in the Office of Admissions on the FCC by email and explain why you think you can be GNTC’s Best Survivor.
For more information or to apply please contact me at

Great day to be back in Cats Country!!!

Enjoy the warmer weather this week!

Remember, Early Registration for summer and fall semester begins March 16. (TWO WEEKS AWAY!) Talk to your advisor today!


Your Fun Fact of the Day: Snow is actually clear and colorless. It is not white.

Stay safe and stay warm on this Friday. And remember, Early Registration for summer and fall semesters begins March 16. Just a little over two weeks away!

Take care and GO CATS!

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Georgia Northwestern Technical College is closing all campuses tomorrow Thursday, February 26 due to inclement weather. weather_alert_wide_t_nv

GNTC is closing all campuses tomorrow Wednesday, February 25 due to pending weather.weather_alert_wide_t_nv